Hifi Power


HDMI CL2 HDMICL2, ΚΑΛΩΔΙΟ ΨΗΦΙΑΚΟΥ ΣΗΜΑΤΟΣnVIDEO/AUDIO HDMI 1.2a/1.3a Parameter Measured 74.25 MHz Attenuation 4.125 GHz Intra-Pair Skew 151ps up to 20 meters (1080p/24bit)nHDMI 1.3a Cat.2 Parameter Measured 340 MHz Attenuation 5.1 GHz Intra-Pair Skew 111ps up to 6 meters 1080p (1080p/48bit)

  • HDMI CL2  1.0m
  • HDMI CL2  2.0m
  • HDMI CL2  3.0m
  • HDMI CL2  6.0m
  • HDMI CL2  8.0m
  • HDMI CL2  10.0m
  • HDMI CL2  12.0m
  • HDMI CL2  15.0m