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Beyer MCW D50

Beyerdynamic MCW D50 συνεδριακό σύστημα ψηφιακή διάσκεψη, ψηφιακή λύση ασύρματο Conference system, διαθέτη προηγμένη τεχνολογία μετάδοσης DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) 2,4 GHz, το νέο σύστημα διασκέψεων MCW-D 50 είναι πλήρως ασφαλής χάρη στην κρυπτογράφηση δεδομένων 128 bit και στην ικανότητα 8 ψηφίων αλφαριθμητικού κωδικού PIN.

Δυνατότητα να λειτουργούν μέχρι 4096 μονάδες μικροφώνου σε 9 ταυτόχρονους αμφίδρομους διαύλους δεδομένων, όλα με υψηλή ανθεκτικότητα στις παρεμβολές μέσω μιας κεντρικής μονάδας ελέγχου με ικανότητα και ευελιξία λετουργίας.

Εκτός από την ασφάλεια επικοινωνίας μεταξύ του μικροφώνου και της μονάδας ελέγχου, το σύστημα MCW-D 50 παρέχει λύση αποθήκευσης και φόρτισης σε flightcase υπό τη μορφή του νέου CC12 Modular Transport System. Φορτίζετε έως και 10 μονάδες μικροφώνου ανά θήκη (σε λιγότερο από 3 ώρες). Ο ελεγχος της φώρτισης ηλεκτρονικά προλαμβάνει την εμφάνιση προβλημάτων στη μνήμη στις μονάδες μικροφώνου, παρέχοντας μεταξύ 20 και 30 ωρών σταθερού χρόνου λειτουργίας μεταξύ των φορτίσεων.


Beyerdynamic MCW D50 introduces the next generation of cost-effective, digital wireless conference solutions – the MCW-D 50. Featuring an advanced form of 2.4 GHz DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) transmission technology, the new MCW-D 50 conference system is completely secure thanks to its 128 bit data encryption and 8-digit alphanumeric PIN code capability.

Add to this the ability to operate up to 4096 microphone units on a maximum of 9 simultaneous bi-directional data channels, all with high interference immunity via one central control unit, and the systems’ ability and flexibility becomes clear.

As well as offering this advanced form of communication security between microphone and control unit, the MCW-D 50 system provides an elegant storage and charging solution in the form of the new CC 10 Modular Transport System. Charge up to 10 microphone units per case (in less than 3 hours); advanced intelligent electronics prevent any unwanted memory effect from building up in the microphone units, providing between 20 and 30 hours of constant operating time between charges.

Finally, the MCW-D 50 system allows connection to external devices via audio inputs and outputs (balanced and unbalanced), as well as TCP/IP Ethernet or RS-232 Serial interfaces, ensuring future-proof connectivity.

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MCW_D50b Beyer_flightcase CC10

MCWD 50 Wireless Conferencing

Beyer have again proved themselves the innovative leader in this industry with their new MCWD50 Wireless Conferencing System.
Seamless, cable free set-up, secure encrypted transmission, PC and external control interface and that famous Beyerdynamic audio quality, makes it the smart choice.

MCW-D 523

Chairman microphone unit with loudspeaker – Gooseneck microphone with illuminated ring – 3 microphone buttons with LED, clear and priority button – cardioid characteristic, headphone and documentation output – energy supply: 8 NiMH batteries for 20 to 30 hours – DC connection for DC operation or fast recharge.

MCW-D 521

Delegate microphone unit with loudspeaker – Gooseneck microphone with illuminated ring. 1 microphone button with LED for to indicate request-to speakor on/off – Cardioid characteristic, headphone and documentation output – energy supply: 8 NiMH batteries for 20 to 30 hours – DC-connection for DC operation or fast recharge.

MCW-D 50

Control unit for up to 4096 wireless digital microphone units – 19“ desktop housing HF receiving and sending aerial for larger range – system configuration with MCWD 50 conference software via PC – RS 232 interface and network port for external control via PC or media control unit. Additional audio input for e.g. wireless microphone – Instant application in discussions without additional PA – aster output for external.


Modular case with individual expansions for the storage of microphone units, charging electronics and control unit. An integrated supply unit allows charging of 1 to 10 microphone units at a time – without the need to discharge. The intelligent charging electronics in the microphone units avoid the unwanted memory effect – Convenient inspection window for easy surveillance of the charging procedure of each microphone unit – Wheeled and stackable for mobile storage.


MCW-D 523/521 microphone units

Frequency range: 2400MHz to 2483.5MHz (ISM-band)

Signal-to-noise ratio: 80dB typical (unweighted)

Range (microphone to control unit): >300ft.

Output level: Maximum 2.3Vrms at 600Ω load, THD <1%

Minimum impedance: 600Ω

Limiter activity at: 126dB SPL

Dimensions (without microphone): 7.5″×6.2″×2″ (L×W×H)

Weight: 3.8lbs.

MCW-D 50 control unit

Frequency response: 70Hz to 10kHz (-3dB)

Master output (balanced): XLR, +6dBu

Master output (unbalanced): RCA, level adjustable (1.55V-300mV range)

Input (balanced): XLR, +6dBu, switchable

Input (unbalanced): RCA, +15dBu, -10dBu, switchable

Dimensions (W×H×D): 2RU (17.3″×3.5″×12.2″)

Weight: 10.4lbs

Πωλείτε το ανωτέρω σύστημα αποτελούμενο απο μονάδα ελέγχου 1τμχ, μικρόφωνα συνέδρων MCW D521 64τμχ, μονάδες μεταφοράς φώρτισης 7τμχ, σύνολο 12800€,