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Electro Voice ZX1i 100

Τιμή 460 €

Electro Voice ZX1i 100, παθητικό ηχείο, δύο δρόμων ισχύος 200W με 8″ woofer και κόρνα 1,25″, διαθέτει απόκριση συχνότητας 60-20000Hz, ευαισθησία 94dB, 123dB max SPL και διασπορά 100o x 100o, εισόδους με βύσματα Phoenix. Διαστάσεις: YxΠxΒ 451x282x263 mm, βάρος 8,4kg και βάση στήριξης με κίνηση 160o x 45o. (Τιμή Τεμαχίου).


Designed for top-notch quality with amazing versatility, the ZX/ZXA series sets a new standard of performance and practicality in sound reinforcement loudspeakers. Featuring high-end components and lightweight molded enclosures, the ZX/ZXA line is at home in any installed or portable application, from commercial sound to clubs, HoW, stages, arenas, and stadiums. Newly-designed high power woofers and drivers ensure full-range sound with awesome richness and clarity. Sleek contemporary styling fits in anywhere. Light weight makes transport easy while enabling a multitude of flying and mounting options that are each supported by innovative mechanical solutions. Whether for portable use or permanent installation, the ZX/ZXA series represents the next level in advanced loudspeaker technology.

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά:

Color:  Black, white
Input Connections:    4-pin Phoenix
Nominal Impedance:    8 Ω
Speaker Type:    Full-range, Mid-High, Two-Way
Frequency Response: (-3 dB)    60 – 20000 Hz
Frequency Response :(-10 dB)    48 – 20000 Hz
Internal Crossover:    Yes
Recommended High-Pass Frequency:    40 Hz
Sensitivity: 1 W/1 m    94 (90×50), 92 (100×100) dB
Max. SPL/1m (calc):    123 (90×50), 121 (100×100) dB
Coverage: (Nominal -6 dB) H    90/100 ° Rotatable
Coverage: (Nominal -6 dB) V    50/100 ° Rotatable
Rotatable Horn:  Yes
System Power Handling: (Continuous/Program/Peak)  200/400/800 Watts
LF Transducer:    EV8L 8-inch Weatherized Cone
HF Transducer:    DH2005 1-in Exit True Compression Driver
Crossover Frequency:    1700 Hz
Minimum Impedance    : 6 Ω
Enclosure Material:    High Impact Polystyrene
Flying:    Yes
Outdoor:    Yes
Grill    Polyester Powder Coated, 18GA Galvanized Steel
Height 451 mm (17.76″) , Width     282 mm (11.1”),  Depth  263 mm (10.35″)
Weight Net:  8.4 kg (18.52 lbs)
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