Hifi Power


RRDJX300W Θήκη μεταφοράς CD Player PIONEER CDJ 200 – CDJ350 – DJM400 – DJM909, ΜΙΚΤΗΣ DJM 350, DENON DNX120 ΜΙΚΤΗΣ DNS1000 – DNS 1200, ΚΑΙ ΕΠΙΠΛΕΟΝ ΧΩΡΟΣ ΑΠΟΘΗΚΕΥΣΗΣ, Διαστάσεις : 90,5 w X 9″ – 22,8 h X 46,5d Βάρος 13 kg

Description:The ultimate protection for your gear, the RRCDJDNS10W is a real heavy hitter. Built to take on the streets the RRCDJDNS10W is especially designed to hold two Pioneer CDJ 200, CDJ 350, CDJ 400 or Denon DNS1000 CD players and a 10 inch mixer including DJM 350, DJM 400, DJM 909 and Rane TTM57SL. The RRCDJDNS10W is built smart with Rugged Road Ready features such as: low profile wheels for sleek, stealth mobility, smart front access panels for easy CD player and mixer access and rear access cable port for hassle free connections. Go ahead give it a pounding!