Hifi Power

Digital Cable Black Digital

98 €

Analysis Plus Black Digital Cable, καλώδιο ψηφιακόυ σήματος audio – video, oval αγωγού, με βύσματα RCA, 75 OHM, χωρίς κόλληση, πλήρης 100% θωράκιση,

This reasonable priced digital cable uses a braided oval signal conductor alone with a braided outer shield mated to a true 75 Ohm solder-less RCA connector.  It uses a low loss dielectric with 100% shield coverage to create a great cable at a great price.

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1.0m, Τιμή   98 €

2.0m, Τιμή 129 €

3.0m, Τιμή 153 €