Hifi Power

Furutech U-P2.1

Furutech U-P2.1, καλώδιο Interconnect 2×0.76mm, 19AWG, Balance, PCOCC, Copper Black.

α (Alpha)-OCC Conductor Wire (PCOCC:30/0.18mm)

19 AWG α (Alpha)-OCC Conductor(0.76 sq.mm) α (Alpha)-OCC Conductor:The PCOCC conductor wire strands treated with the Furutech α(Alpha) process.・Conductor : α (Alpha) Conductor(30pcs/0.18mm)
Insulation : High density Polyethylene foam
Twisting : 2 Cores with Cotton fillers twisted Together
Barrier Layer : Non-Woven
Shield: 0.12mm α (Alpha) Conductor wire Braid
Jacket: Flexible PVC (Brown)
Max. Conductor Resistance : 0.026 Ω/ M
Overall Diameter : 8.0 mm (19 AWG)