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McIntosh MC1201

Τιμή 9800 €

McIntosh MC1201 Ενισχυτής Τελικός μονοφωνικός, ισχύς 1200 WRMS 2,4,8,Ohms, Είσοδοι Balanced – Unbalanced, Autoformer Εξόδου, προστασία ισχύος εξόδου, VU Ισχύος εξόδου, τηλεχειρισμός ΠxΒxΥ 45×27.9×49.9 cm, Βάρος 66.8 kg, McIntosh MC1201 *****,

Producing a massive 1,200 watts, the MC1.2KW is the most powerful single chassis McIntosh amplifier! The extraordinary Quad Balanced design actually consists of two complete amplifier circuits, one the mirror image of the other, whose outputs are combined in the unique McIntosh output Autoformer, resulting in totally balanced operation from input to speaker output and the cancellation of virtually all distortion.
The hand-crafted McIntosh Autoformer with output connections for 2, 4, and 8 ohms, creates the ideal impedance match to guard against unwanted distortion or a reduction in power. The McIntosh Autoformer guarantees that all loudspeaker types may be used with the MC1.2KW,



Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

MC1.2KW Monoblock Power Amplifier
•  1,200 Watts
•  Quad Balanced Design
•  Exlcusive McIntosh Power Assurance System
•  Output Autoformer
•  Balanced & Unbalanced Inputs
•  Stainleses Steel Chassis with Super Mirror Finish
•  DC Failure Protection
•  Remote Power Control,

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