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McIntosh C45

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McIntosh C45, προενισχυτής στερεοφωνικός και πολυκάναλος είσοδοι line 1 balanced και 8 unbalanced, εισοδοι πικαπ phono in MM, δύο είσοδοι απο 6 κανάλια homecinema input, έξοδοι απο 6 κανάλια homecinema balanced unbalanced, δυνατότητα εγκατάστασης ραδιοφωνικού δέκτη McIntosh TM1, διαστάσεις ΠxΥxΒ 44.5×15.2×41.9cm βάρος 9.5 kg, καινούργιο στο κουτί του, NOS  new an unopen box,


McIntosh C45 preamplifier,

The new McIntosh C45 Audio Control Center offers a highly refined combination of useful operating features with totally transparent electronic performance. At any time expand the enjoyment and functionality of the Audio Control Center with the addition of the optional TM1 AM/FM Tuner Module installed inside the C45. Combine a C45 with
a McIntosh Power Amplifier and you will enjoy a system of unparalleled performance.

• Balanced Inputs and Outputs One pair of Balanced high level Inputs and a six channel Balanced Output are provided.
• Precision Tracking Variable Rate Volume Control Volume levels are controlled by a new Multi-Stage Precision Digitally Controlled Attenuator System with a tracking accuracy of 0.1dB. Levels change in 214 individual 0.5dB steps. The Variable Rate Volume Control Circuitry provides an ideal rate of change with control rotation.
• Tone Control with Assignable Bypass The Bass and Treble Control Circuit Elements can be removed from the Signal Path of any selected input.
• Alphanumeric Fluorescent Display The Multifunction Front Panel Display indicates the Source Selection and Volume Levels. The Setup Mode Selections and Adjustments are also displayed. The display intensity is fully adjustable.
• Electromagnetic Input Switching with Level Trim Adjustment and Title Reassignment
Digital Logic integrated circuits drive Electromagnetic Switches on all Inputs and operating functions for reliable, noiseless, distortion free switching. All eight Inputs on the C45 can be matched in level, so that there are no abrupt changes in volume levels between the different Inputs. Any of the eight Inputs can have their Input Title reassigned to match the sources in the system.
• Power Control Output and Trigger Assignment A Power Control connection for convenient Turn-On of McIntosh Power Amplifiers, Source Components and Accessories is included. Two of the Power Control Outputs may be assigned to activate when a given Input is selected.
• Multichannel Inputs There are two six channel Inputs that are assignable for
sources such as DVD-Audio Player, Super Audio CD Player and Satellite Receivers.
• Precision Parts Only the finest precision 1% tolerance resistors are used throughout.
• Low Distortion Distortion levels of all types are less than 0.002%. Music is amplified with total transparency and accuracy.
• Moving Magnet Phono Input There is a Precision Phono Preamplifier for Moving  magnet Cartridges.
• Remote Control The C45 includes a Remote Control that allows remote operation
of the Front Panel Controls and Push-buttons.
• Optional External Keypad Sensor Input There are provisions for connecting External Keypad and/or Sensors, which allows for enjoyment of your McIntosh System from other room(s) in your home.
• Subwoofer Output The C45 Audio Control Center provides a subwoofer output
from the two channel and six channel inputs.
• Special Power Supply Fully regulated Power Supply with shielded power transformer
ensures stable noise free operation even if the power line should vary.
• Fiber Optic Solid State Front Panel Illumination The Illumination of the Front Panel is accomplished by the combination of custom designed Fiber Optic Light Diffusers
and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). This provides even Front Panel Illumination, together with the extra long life LEDs.
• Glass Front Panel The famous McIntosh Illuminated Glass Front Panel ensures the pristine beauty of the C45 will be retained for many years.

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