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McIntosh Balanced Audio Cables

McIntosh Balanced Audio Cables, καλώδια Audio σήματος, θωρακισμένα 95%, καθαρού χαλκού OFC, διατομής 22 AWG, 0.65mm διάμετρος, 0.33 mm2, τερματισμένο με XLR επίχρυσα σε μήκος 1 & 2m,

McIntosh Balanced Audio Cables are designed to enhance the ultra-low noise performance of McIntosh components such as amplifiers, speakers. McIntosh uses two balanced conductors with separate ground while adding fourth chassis ground to further prevent interference. McIntosh balanced cables eliminate induced background noise leaving only pure music. Balanced audio cables come with separate signal ground from chassis ground to enhance overall sound quality,   


Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

Packed Each

Lengths Available Available in 1 & 2 Meter

Conductor Configuration Twisted Pair + Ground

Conductor Gauge and Material 22 AWG OFC

Insulation Low Density Polyethyline

Shielding Copper Foil + 95% Coverage Copper Braid

Outer Jacket PVC Jacket with Black Nylon webbing

Termination Connector Gold Plated Brass XLR

Outside Cable Dimension 9mm

Directional Arrow to Sync Device No

Unique Features Separate Signal Ground from Chassis Ground

Packed in Cloth Bag and Box Yes

Limited Use Warranty Yes,