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Walker Audio Valid Points Super Tuning Kit

Walker Audio Valid Points Super Tuning Kit, σετ αντικραδασμικών κώνων και αντικραδασμικών δίσκων. Περιλαμβάνει 3 κώνους, 5 αντικραδασμικούς δίσκους και 4 αντικραδασμικούς δίσκους 1inch,

Super Tuning Kit – three 2-inch cones with five resonance control discs, plus four extra 1-inch control discs. The 1-inch discs can be used on top of all components, including speakers, shelves, racks and power supplies

No system can sound its best until resonances are under control.  Materials commonly used to manufacture shelves and racks, such as marble, granite, glass and most metals, are used for cosmetic reasons and actually aggravate the vibration and resonance problems. Consequently, I’ve tried every kind of vibration control device I could obtain – aluminum, brass, wood, ceramics, compound applications of cones and absorption material. Some helped; some ruined the sound.

My quest for the ultimate sound led me to create Valid Points which are designed to provide isolation and to stabilize and control resonances of all components in an audio or video system. This includes analog, digital and video components, as well as speakers, shelves and stands. The improvement in the sound will be amazing. The sound stage will have greater width, depth, detail, bass, speed, extension, and focus.

“I just wanted to relay to you just how effective the resonance control discs are….the results are way more than I was expecting!…has dropped the noise floor of an already quiet system resulting in much improved bass solidity/definiiton/agility as well as a more solidified holographic soundstage.” ABB, customer   Click on the Reviews tab for more customer comments.

Critical Components
Resonance between components can be additive or subtractive. Therefore, it is necessary for the two most critical components to be treated first, at the same time.

Analog: The turntable (if possible) and pre-amp or phono amp and pre-amp
Digital: The transport or CD player and pre-amp
Video: The video player and processor

Amplifiers and remote power supplies are the next most critical components, followed by: D-to-A converters, active crossovers, shelves, racks and speakers