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SONY TA E9000ES Preamplifier HomeCinema, προενισχυτής Audio Video ψηφιακές και αναλογικές είσοδοι και έξοδοι, 12 Unbalanced Audio Input, 6 Digital Audio Input, 6 Video Input, 5.1 Audio Pre Output, IN OUT Processor, Monitor Out, Phono Input, Dolby Digital, DTS,

SONY TA E9000ES ** Preamplifier Home Theater Going to the movies becomes a distant memory when you have the Sony TA-9000ES pre-amplifier in your home theater system. Dolby Digital sound creates stellar audio and delivers a near-perfect theater experience in your home. The preamp offers customized modes of sound depending on the size of your room. This unit allows you to balance the sound perfectly to enhance the content you are viewing. Digital, three-dimensional sound supports a variety of devices including DVD players, CD players, and phonographs. Clear, concise audio that uses a 32-bit processor creates sound dimensions you never noticed before. Sony uses cinema mastering techniques to bring the details of theater sounds to you home.



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Brand    Sony
MPN    TA-E9000ES
Model    TA-E9000ES
Width    17in.
Height    5.94in.
Depth    16.88in.

Additional Product Features
Remote Control    With Remote Control
Thd (Total Harmonic Distortion)    0.05 %
Frequency Response    20Hz-20kHz
Audio Snr    100dB



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