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Apart Rock 608

Τιμή 135 €

Apart Rock 608, Ηχείο βραχάκι δύο δρόμων 60W@8 – woofer 6.5» ιντσών Ηχείο Βραχάκι 2way 6.5», 60Hz-20KHz, ισχύς dynamic 60W@8Ω, sens 92dB @1W/1m, max SPL 105dB,  IP64, 260x200x280mm, 3.6 Kg. (Τιμή Τεμαχίου),

Rock design outdoor loudspeaker
ROCK608 is a low impedance two-way loudspeaker that produces a hi-fi sound quality and has a wide dispersion. An ideal loudspeaker to bring music to your garden, outdoor area of your restaurant or terrace in an inconspicious way.

The ROCK608 loudspeakers are weatherproof and with their inconspicuous design they seem to disappear into the environment, only the amazing sound will remind you of them. When you have installed the ROCK loudspeakers we will not be surprised that even working in your garden will become a pleasure. Who doesn’t want to listen to music while working in your garden or relaxing on your terrace?

The applications where these loudspeakers are enormous. They can be used in gardens, terraces, recreation parks, outdoor swimming pools…

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά:

height    260 mm    width    200 mm depth    280 mm    loudspeaker system    2-way
woofer size    6,5 inch    woofer cone material    polypropylene
tweeter size    1 inch    impedance (ohms)    8
low impedance dynamic power    60 watts    low impedance RMS power    25 watts
SPL 1W/1m    92 dB    max SPL 1m    105 dB
frequency response    60 – 20K Hz    main construction material    ABS plastic
grille main material    aluminium    IP rating    64
Horizontal dispersion angle 1000 Hz    180°    Vertical dispersion angle 1000 Hz    55°
closest RAL colour (subject to deviations)    RAL7046    Net weight product (kg)    3,60