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KLOTZ LY225 Speaker CABLE καλώδιο ηχείων 2,5mm2, καθαρού χαλκού, για επαγγελματικές και οικιακές χρήσεις, υψηλής ποιότητας χαλκός, Εξωτερική επένδυση και των αγωγών από PVC, εύκαμπτο, πολύ μικρής χωρητικότητας, αγωγοί χαλκού 50×0,25mm 2,5mm2 14AWG X 2, αντίσταση αγωγού 7 Ω/Km, χωριτηκότητα 170 pF/m, επαγωγή 0,53 μH/m, Ολική εξωτερική διάμετρος 8 mm,

A standard in connecting mobile speaker systems with long cable runs and large conductor areas or short bridge cables with lower power requirements: very short lengths of twist of the cores and the soft PVC jacket allows the use on drums, keeps the cable flexible and withstands heavy loads. Fixing to standard connectors or screw-type terminals is possible.

LY2.. 1.5 – 4.0 mm² mobile / studio bulk cables speaker cable construction conductor stranded bare copper insulation PVC, blue & red core arrangement 2 cores twisted to a pair, outer jacket PVC, matt mechanics min. bending radius 5x overall diameter working temperature -20°C / +70°C
electric test voltage [50 Hz, 1 min] 2000 V max. operating voltage 300 V twinaxial speaker cables LY2..T • improved EMC by a very short length of twist • extraordinary flexible and ideal for winding on cable drums order code cond. cross section mm2 cond. construction mm conductor resistance Ω/km capacitance pF/m inductance μH/m outer Ø mm



cond. cross section    2.5 mm2
cond. construction    50 x 0.25 mm
conductor resistance    7 Ω/km
capacitance    170 pF/m
inductance    0.53 µH/m
outer Ø    8 mm
colour    black
copper weight    50 g/m
weight    10,896 kg
length    100 m

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