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Marshall Mid Bluetooth

Τιμή 160 €

Marshall Mid Bluetooth, ασύρματα on-ear ακουστικά. Διαθέτει 40mm δυναμικό driver, διάρκεια λειτουργίας 30 ώρες, δυνατότητα αναδίπλωσης, εργονομικός σχεδιασμός, control knob στο earpad, 2 mic Απόκριση 10-20kΗz, 95dΒ SPL, 32Ω. Συμβατό με music players, i-phone, i-pod. Περιλαμβάνει καλώδιo και USB καλώδιο επαναφόρτισης.



Mid is a premium Bluetooth® aptX headphone that delivers superior audio and 30+ hours of playtime on a single charge. Its custom 40 mm dynamic drivers lend it a robust sound that balances clarity with just the right amount of bass – perfect for those who demand the best in sound. The on-ear design features a plush headband and 3D hinges that produce an ergonomic fit. Complete with black vinyl, solid metal hinges and brass details Mid is the embodiment of Marshall in a headphone

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά:

 Audio Specifications
  Drivers 40 mm
  Driver type Dynamic
  Driver impedance 32 Ω
  Driver sensitivity 95 dB SPL
  Frequency response 10 Hz–20 kHz

 Controls and connectivity
  Wireless connectivity Bluetooth v4.0 aptX
  Wired connectivity 3.5 mm Input
  Bluetooth range 10 m
  Control knob Yes
  Microphone & remote Yes

 Physical unit
  Weight 226 g
  Colourways Black

 Included in the box
  Box contents
  Mid Bluetooth
  Removable Mic & Remote cable
  USB Charging cable
  User manual

  Battery playing time 30 hours + (at medium volume)
  Time to full recharge 3 Hours