Hifi Power


ATL ETP 800SG Schuko Βύσμα, High End Performance Connector Series, Επίρχυσο Schuko βύσμα τροφοδοσίας, Hiend-Audio συσκευών, Διαθέτει αντιμαγνητικά μεταλλικά μέρη ορείχαλκου, τάση και ένταση λειτουργίας 250V 16A, επαφές χωρίς κόλληση, διατομή καλωδίου 6.6mm έως 18mm και διαστάσεις 62.5mm x 37.2mm x 87.5mmmm.

ATL_Copper   ATL ETP-M16CU/SG/RH R-ETP-M16CU/SG/RH, the world’s first Netural / Light/ Ground all use 100% conductivity ETP PURE COPPER materials, made by one piece CNC machining. It can cause the current / frequency transfer 0 impede and make a substantial increase in conductance to your sound system. to make the perfect effect and perform perfect sounds are what ATL European-style power connector’s the biggest difference from other brands.

ATL_ETP_Body   ATL power connector’s outer shell is made of custom-made A-class flexibility and high impact / fire-proof nylon material. It is not only to safety considerations, in audio, it is helpful in terms of medium / low frequency performance. This is what ATL had long-term studied and made other materials through the comparison and testing. Different hardness of the material performs different sound in its overall, the harder material makes the medium / low frequency less than resonance frequency more. The softer material makes a whole range of medium / low-frequency performance to be better, more complete and more mellow smooth sound. ATL’s power connector hopes to make every detail of the product and also to be the best.
ATL_RETP_Body   ATL RD-12’s A-class nylon mirror treatment creative 12 angle applications, and its increased curved space for a wire’s easy installation, allow users to make a variety of power cables to fit the small space perfectly on the wall. And also to make the room space more secure and beautiful.
RD-12 supports to ATL all the power connector and WATTGATE / MARINCO power connector.

ATL_Connector_Plate   ATL CU/AG/AU/RH multi-layer plating is ATL’s many years developed plating technic. The arrangement of each layer plating, electroplating composition and plating thickness all contribute different sound characteristics.
CU: strengthen the performance of frequency range, make the ETP material’s frequency performance demonstrated more clearly and naturally.
AG: Strengthen the performance of high-frequency range, make the ETP material, CU coating demonstrated a broader frequency.
AU: Soften the full-range frequency, make the ETP material, CU/AG coating exhibited a more mellow sound.
RH: Strengthen the whole range of extremely high frequency, to create the overall sense of space/air by the frequency range, to demonstrate an unprecedented performance.
P.S.: ATL using PURE RH plating, compare to other brands” RH plating claimed, it is more beautiful white and with general sense of a significant difference in dark.
ATL use custom-made ETP copper, SGS certified 100% conductivity copper material, to produce ATL products power connectors / power receptacles / power inlets, makes these products current / freqency transmission, will not be hindered then lower the quality.

ETP copper 100% Brass 25-35% Phosphor bronze 13%

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά:

Color    BLACK
62.5mm x 37.2mm x 87.5mm
Weight    72.5g
Type    Male
Amperage    16 amp
Voltage    250 volt
Contact    2
Ground    One piece ground contacting plate
Current Limiting    Full rated current
Terminal Accommodation    6.6mm-18mm
Hot/Neutral Contact    Brass, non-magnetic 24K Gold plated
Ground Contact    Brass, non-magnetic 24K Gold plated
Body Material    Nylon,