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Furutech PC Alpha

Furutech PC Alpha, Καθαριστικό Υγρό, για CDs, DVDs, TVs, Tablets, PCs and Smartphones, η νέα σύνθεση αποτελείτε απο ένζυμα και ιόντα που πετυνχάνουν δυνατό καθάρισμα στα CDs, DVDs, TVs, Tablets, PCs and Smartphones, ώστε πετυνχάνουμε την δυνατότερη ανάγνωση τησ ακτίνας Laser, αυτό έχει σαν αποτέλεσμα τη βελτίωση της ποιότητας του ήχου και της εικόνας, καταληλο για δίσκους (CD, DVD, LP) φακούς προβολέων AV, και οθόνη Plasma / LCD,

PC-α (Alpha)
Safe Powerful Antistatic Cleaning Agent For CDs, DVDs and Video displays (TVs, Tablets, PCs and Smartphones), 25ml
New PC-α with its «Pure Clean» natural properties (special combination of enzymes and ions) is a powerful cleanser for CDs, DVDs and Video displays (TVs, Tablets, PCs and Smartphones). It will maximize the laser reading capability on CDs and DVDs producing high quality sound and image resolution.
Totally free of pollution causing materials including interface active agents, and chemical skin irritants, this product is both environmental friendly and extremely safe to use on any surface and will not damage surfaces or leave residue.
It does not leave an Oxide film on CDs and DVDs and will help increase laser light transmission through the media reproducing higher quality sound and picture.
PC-α has a surface tension value of 56mN/m (2556mN/m of (25℃) so it will penetrate the smallest surface irregularities to remove dust and grime.
PC-α does not contain any synthetic surfactant, alcohol or fluorescent agents, so it won’t leave residue or cause stickiness. It also will not cause discoloration and kills mold.
It has an antistatic effect substrate surface resistance (Ω) of 10¹²Ω to completely eliminate static charge and cling.
Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά
Simply spray this product directly on surface and wipe with a clean cloth.
Best result is obtained if a clean cloth is used to completely dry surfaces without leaving any residual traces.