Hifi Power


Τιμή 579 €

KORG KAOSS PAD ENTRANCER KPE1 Επεξεργαστής σήματος Video και Ηχου Effects: 100 video, 100 audio, 100 combination audio/video.
Inputs: Two (Input 1, on the rear of the KPE1, accepts a composite video signal via a phono connector, and stereo audio via left and right phono connectors, while Input 2, on the front edge of the KPE1, is video-only, accepting an S-Video signal via a mini-DIN socket or a composite video signal via a phono. Inputs 1 and 2 are switchable).
Main Outputs: One (on the rear of the KPE1. An S-Video signal is available via mini-DIN, composite video is available on a phono, and individual Left and Right phonos handle the stereo audio output).
Headphone output: One (via quarter-inch stereo jack, on the front edge of the KPE1, with associated Volume control).
Sampling frequency: 44.1kHz.
A-D/D-A conversion: 20-bit linear.
MIDI connectors: In & Out.
Video format: Switchable between NTSC (the US standard) and PAL (the European standard).
Power supply: 7V DC (via external AC adaptor).